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The Story at a Glance

WITCHES Quick Intro

  • VELDA the wisest witch, has discovered the most valuable secret of all! The secret of eternal youth and immortality!



  • passage (the "HOLE") should be opened between real world and MagicLand, where all creatures of our minds habit.

  • This hole will "vacuum" as many young and beautiful girls as possible and send them to MagicLand.

  • There, they don't stand many chances of surviving from cruel monsters and diabolic creatures.

  • Their youth and beauty will do the trick. Each death, each young soul equals to a thousand years of life for the witches plus eternal youth!


  • Velda has discovered this passage. The time was ideal and the place was ideal too.

  • The hole which will connect these two worlds is about to be created just over the University "School of Art" in Northen Calipornia.


Things will never be the same again.

Fasten your seatbelt and unfasten your belt! The journey is about to start...